Let's be friends!

I like talking to people.

(you're probably not surprised)

I like email, especially from underrepresented people in tech.

You can also find me as @feministy in the Women in Tech Slack.

If you're looking for mentorship, advice, or perhaps some feedback on your CFP, I may not be able to help out a ton, but asking is never a bad thing! I'll always reply as quickly as I can even if I can't help.

I also like tweets.

Dear recruiters,

I am very happy with my job and am not looking for a new one. I don't plan on looking for a new one. Please do not contact me with details about openings or contracts. I'm a very nice person but I really don't like it when people try to convince me something is right for me when I know it isn't.

Don't be the person who thinks they know me better than me and contact me anyways. That is very rude. I know you're just doing your job and I don't blame you for trying, but your email will just get deleted.