Speaker info

I love public speaking.

You can view abstracts, videos, and slides from my past speaking engagements and a select number of workshops here.

What I speak about doesn't matter nearly as much to me as connecting with an audience and engaging them in a thoughtful way. I am a super energetic speaker who prepares thoroughly for every talk.

I have a strong educational background, both as an instructor and with curriculum development. I have experience covering beginning and advanced programming topics, among others. I love teaching workshops in addition to speaking! I helped develop much of the curriculum used by the Chicago chapter of Girl Develop It, and am comfortable both with creating my own materials and teaching using an established deck.

Please note that I only speak at conferences that have a code of conduct and organizers who have experience working with codes of conduct. This is a dealbreaker.

Interested? Email me!


I am scheduling speaking engagements for 2017! I'm able to accept one event that requires travel outside of the PNW and three within the greater PNW and the Bay Area. If your event is in Portland, I am much more likely to be able to speak. I can't attend every conference, but I try to attend as many as I can. The sooner you ask the better your chances are at me being available, especially during the fall conference season or if your conference will involve traveling a large distance from Portland, Oregon.

I am always happy to hear from community organizations, meetups, and events in addition to conferences, especially those focused on serving underrepresented groups in tech.

What I do

I make it my goal to knock it out of the park with every single talk, event, and workshop. I want to engage people, help them learn something new, make them laugh, and make them feel energized. I want to wow an audience.

To that end, you can also expect:

If I'm presenting a topic I've given before, you can expect re-designed slides, updated information based on previous feedback, and additional modifications to tailor the talk to your event's audience.

After I've accepted a speaking engagement, I will promote the shit out of your event on Twitter. I'll help connect you with organizations that serve underrepresented groups (especially if you're offering scholarships or discounted tickets) and provide introductions. If I am familiar with the area locally, I will also help you form a relationship with your local organizations focused on underrepresented groups.

I bring my own equipment (Retina MacBook Pro, 13") and have backup copies of all of my presentation material. If the event includes code samples or workshop materials, I make them publicly available before, during, and after the conference via my website (hello, you are here).

You can also expect clear and timely communication with me regarding any additional tasks.

What (I hope) you do

It's a lot easier for me to speak at your event if:

You have event information ready for me. You don't have to have it right now, right now, but a two-four weeks before the event is great. Things like the expected audience, what A/V equipment is provided, slide resolution, any additional events outside of the talk you'd like me to attend, and the event schedule. I love info. Do not ever worry about sending me too much info.

If my company can't cover travel: you can, or you can help. I sometimes travel and speak at events on my company's behalf, but it's unlikely that my employer will cover travel costs to a conference they are not sponsoring. I prefer to book my travel as soon as possible to get the best prices, and appreciate being reimbursed promptly. I travel from Portland, Oregon.

If it's a workshop, you pay me! This covers all manner of workshops from technical to interviewing and soft skills. In general, I will waive, donate, or reduce fees if the event is for a (a) community focused non-profit, or (b) minority-focused group or organization.

You love your event. This just makes it more fun :)